Casks of sake each stamped by a producer displayed in a park in Tokyo.

Detail of the roof of a shrine in Tokyo.

Old and new coexist in the megapolis.


If you think you can't have more advertisments per square meter of public space... well you can. In Tokyo I actually used a urinal in a metro station that had an LCD display right over it, displaying some commercials. Yes kind of unavoidable :) I was too shocked to remember what was being advartised. Some prostate relief pills ?

The single suspension column of a suspension bridge. The egineers cleverly tilted it at roughly 45 degrees to make their creation look more interesting.

A sole cool looking hightrise.

Phone panels galore - the blinkier the better.

This was some famous place to contemplate the bridge.

A downscaled replica so that the japanese can say - "We have a statue of Liberty, too".

Nighttime Shinjuku.

Neon madness.

A fancily lit amusement park with a building I used to use as a landmark I know how to get to my hotel from.

A girl adertising something.

Even the most incompetent of contemporary artists seem to have their chance in Japan. This... thing is really huge... note the lamp posts at the bottom for scale.

A left facing swastika on a shrine in Tokyo. The word swastika is derived from sanskrit and means a sign on person or thing to denote good luck.

A figure on a roof of a shrine in Tokyo.

The Roppoingi Hills Mori Tower, 238m high.

The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower by night.

A detail of the Roppongi Hills complex.

Translucent screens make interesting effect on the headlights of some cars behind.

A big LCD display.

A shopping centre in the biggest shopping district - Ginza.

Thoughtful while crossing the street on a crisp spring morning.

Sign put there primarily for the gaijins I belive. Few japanese smoke in the street.

A pretty girl in the campus of the Sophia University, Tokyo. The students were choosing spotrs to attend and I presume lots chose whatever D. offered :)

Traditional home, Kyoto.

Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto.

Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto.

Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto.

A woman dressed as Maiko, or apprentice geisha.

Sakura - cherry blossom. All that blossoms are in vain. The fruit is produced by another species of tree. This is purely ornamental.

Sushi - my mouth is watering just by pronouncing the word.

Tokyo city center area.