Camera profiles in Adobe Lightroom

This simple test tries to illustrate the diffrences between the camera profiles avalable in Lightroom 2.2, in particular the profiles for Canon 20D. I was intereseted particulary in the differences that the profiles give to skin tones. To test a picked an image with pleasing skin tones (at least according to me). The image is taken with the magnificent EF 100mm Canon prime macro using available light. The images produced are out of the box – no tinkering done with any of the sliders within the develop module. I guess results can vary vastly from image to image, depending on factors like color balance, camera, etc. Anyhow here is what I got :

adobe standard
Adobe standard
camera faithful
Camera faithful
camera landscape
Camera landscape
camera neutral
Camera neutral
camera portrait
Camera portrait
camera standard
Camera standard

P.S. This is really very unscientific. Not trying to prove anything here, test is done primarily for fun.

Стефан Димов

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