Temperatures in my city in my lifetime

People usually have subjective perceptions for quantities and values. Yet somehow I felt that despite all that global warming talk skewing my judgment, I cannot be completely mistaken.I remember longer winters with more snow and colder days. I remember clear-cut seasons, with definite spring and autumn. Could all this be just a creation of my imagination, especially when taking into account the childhood memories involved ?

I resorted to making a humble test of my memory. I obtained the day by day max temperatures (in Fahrenheit) for my city since I was born (1979) from NOAA. This is a matrix of numbers 27×365 – dull and uninspiring. Then I used Graphis to breathe life into the data.

If you know what you are looking for you can probably see the trend. Going into the new millennium summers seem to be generally warmer. The average temperature also seems to have gone up.

P.S. This is really very unscientific. Not trying to prove anything here, the plot was done primarily for fun.
P.P.S. Will make a better plot some day, time permitting.

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